Caroline Conerly

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  • Title: Miss Deep South
  • Platform Statement:

    “Bringing Home the Arts”

    Arts Education Advocacy and Funding I grew up in a large public school in Mississippi renowned for excellence in academia, arts, and athletics. I was involved in both athletics and the arts. It was clear at a young age how much more support the athletics programs received in my school. As time passed, and I grew older, I realized it was not just an issue within my school, my district or even my state. I learned it is not just a minor hiccup in the Lamar County school district, but a large heart murmur in America's educational system. The arts programs in public schools are being taken away from children for lack of advocacy and funding. Arts Education is vital to many young people. Statistics have proven that children involved in the arts are more likely to have higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate and continue their educations than those who are not involved in the arts. My point is not to say that the arts are more important than athletics or academics; I believe the arts are equal to these two very important educational force. Thousands of people are employed in one way or another through the arts. There are musicians, writers, poets, dancers, song-writers, actors, screenwriters, and the list goes on. Furthermore, every child deserves that moment in the day when he feels truly comfortable and happy; every child deserves his niche. If chosen as Miss Mississippi 2014, I will express my fear of the arts leaving public education. My plan is to keep the arts alive by volunteer work, parent-teacher involvement, and community support. I do not believe that tax policy changes, tax redistribution, or government involvement is the key to keeping the arts thriving, especially in a time of economic hardship and extreme government financial pain. I would have a larger "stage" to stand on so that school districts would hear me more clearly. There is power in numbers, and if/when I am Miss Mississippi 2014, I will have the entire state of Mississippi to support me in my effort to bring home the arts to every public school.

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